Monday, November 10, 2008

Fix every wandering thought upon
That quarter where all thought is done:
Who can distinguish darkness from the soul?

10" x 11" Colored Pencil, Oil, and Paper on Canvas


Bryan said...

My apologies for the poor image quality. Unfortunately, because my smaller works deal with subtlety, many of the nuances within this piece are lost in translation.

~ Bryan

lebuck8 said...

I love how your work is so subtle and deliberate. Your intelligence really comes through in your artwork.

Rita G said...

I agree with Lauren. These pieces are much like your personality. You are so quiet and reserved, but when you speak your words are very thoughtful and astute. Your work is similar in the way that it seems patient and subtle, yet articulate and refined.

Sam said...

I would love to see this work in person because of your statement of the poor image quality. Your work is so subtle and would most likely be best viewed in person. Having said that, I think the subtle transitions of color are beautiful.

ChambersoftheSea said...

Even through the image quality, this piece is quite evocative. Viewed through the filter of "sense of place," it is reminiscent of clouds, of vapor, of a moon seen through fog.

I do find it frustrating, in a way - because of its delicacy I am certain it is much richer when seen in person. When you next show it, I would very much like an invitation.

jmkilburn said...

Yes, this reminds me of an album cover for the Cocteau Twins. They often had very abstracted or out-of-scale effects suggesting air and water. Your choice of materials is very interesting, considering the scale and layered aspects of them. It looks almost like a book cover... I wonder what's in the book?